Uni-Prep Online

For ages 16-17+
20 lessons per week (16 hours)
Minimum level: B2 – Upper Intermediate

This higher level, skills-based course is designed to focus on all the independent learning skills required of an ambitious undergraduate and indeed to help some of our students seeking entry to the UK’s best universities. Our Earlscliffe admissions advisors have many years’ experience in preparing international students for entry into some of the world’s very best universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, UCL, Durham and St Andrews.

This two week course includes:

  • IELTS lessons and exam preparation
  • Research skills
  • Essay writing skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Note-taking skills
  • Completion of an extended essay on an academic topic of the student’s choice
  • Choosing appropriate UK universities and courses
  • The Oxbridge entry procedure
  • Personal Statement guidance sessions for those considering applying to UK universities through the UCAS system
  • Taking part in our weekly general and UNESCO debates
  • Public Speaking skills
  • Delivering effective presentations

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