Mini-MBA Online

For young business people aged 15-17 years
20 lessons per week (16 hours)
Minimum English level: B2+

This programme is for students looking for an inspirational and ambitious course which gives them the perfect introduction to the exciting and productive world of business management and administration. Our experienced and dedicated academic staff deliver this course introducing the essentials of business management. Students must complete our English test before we confirm acceptance.

This course is ideal for committed students looking for a very different kind of summer programme, who want to boost their CVs and university applications by completing this rigorous and challenging programme. Also, for students considering studying business, finance, management, economics or accounting at A level, IB or undergraduate level, the Mini-MBA provides an intensive and comprehensive introduction.

The course outline

Unit 1: Introduction to Management
This unit forms the core of the course and provides students with the skills, vocabulary, knowledge, confidence and technique to analyse business issues, prepare projects, research company case studies and give presentations.

Unit 2: Accounting
This unit aims to provide an introduction to basic accounting knowledge for the financial statement analysis.

Unit 3: Entrepreneurship
This unit will include the concept of entrepreneurship and finding opportunities.

Unit 4: Organisations
We will look at the tradition of organisational development and how this has affected modern day leadership and management in business organisations.

Unit 5: Marketing
This unit will involve a mixture of lectures, discussions and short case studies for analysis in class to give you an insight into some of the issues and tools in marketing for the 21st century.

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