ITY and English Lit year 12 cultural trip to London

Students in the ITY year joined the year 12 A level English Literature class for a cultural afternoon and evening in London on Friday 31st January.  The group visited the Tate Britain gallery in London to see a major exhibition celebrating the work of William Blake, Londoner and creative polymath of the romantic era.  The group then walked to Covent Garden for some free time.  This was followed by a visit to the longest-running stage production in London’s West End, Agatha Christie’s evergreen murder mystery ‘The Mousetrap’, now in its 68th year.  The group watched performance 28,143.

The trip was led by Joanna Fitzpatrick, English teacher and Head of Year 13, along with Sam Hastings, English language teacher. Before the trip set off, James Harding, Head, talked to students about the life and work of William Blake, artist and poet.

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